Caleb Seed, Woodburn

Short Film

"Woodburn" is a suspense/thriller exploring class and the cinematic perspective as a societal form and placeholder. The film uses intracting, contradicting perspectives as a tool to increase suspense, whilst utilising aesthetics, mise en scene and Kuleshovian techniques to further expand and heighten cinematic suspense. "Woodburn" expands the horizon of conventional student filmmaking, to endeavour upon a deeper and more meaningful understanding of traditional storytelling and classical genre elements. The film also challenges the use of atmosphere in cinema, through experimentation in tonal shifts and editorial reassemblies.

The film follows The Cleaner, who, through morbid curiosity, is led down a dark and mysterious path navigating towards the dangerous echelon of her employer. Her curiosity turns into terror as she slowly discovers the truth about her employer and what he has been hiding behind his mystifying office door.