Barbara Kononova, The Invisible Paradigm: Female Film Producers

AudiobookImmersive Experience

Léon Gaumont once dismissed Alice Guy-Blaché's desire to experiment with the Lumiere brothers' new technology, calling it a "silly, girlish thing to do." Yet, despite being his secretary, Alice didn't let that stop her. After hours, she took the opportunity to produce and direct what is considered the first fiction film, The Cabbage Fairy (1896).

Her trailblazing work in film predated that of George Melies and D.W. Griffith, demonstrating her determination and challenging prevailing gender stereotypes. Alice's story inspired the focus of this dissertation and accompanying artefact, which are part of this exhibition. Exploring the history of "invisible labour," especially among female filmmakers in British cinema, this artefact is a short-form audiobook that plunges listeners into a pitch-black environment where sound is the primary mode of experience and understanding. Original music and narration offer a 360-degree auditory journey, capturing the often "invisible role" of women in the film industry. This idiosyncratic format aims to reflect the obstacles and creativity in the path of female filmmakers, bringing their stories to life.