Xinyi Alessia Wu, ....-.-..-..- ("Secret" in Morse code)

ProjectionImmersive ExperienceSoundscape

'It's beyond languages, I just want to convey my innermost thoughts in a way that feels authentic and easy.' - Alessia, the author

"Secret" is a multimedia installation composed of four distinct parts: "The Unexpressed Never Die," "Will You Know?" "It Will Fade Away," and "The Unsaid Remains Unsaid." The project explores the profound expression of unspoken words through art, which embodies the author's unuttered message to a specific individual. Morse code acts as the conduit for this silent communication, intricately woven within the four parts of the project, from animation modelling, sound production and progam algorithmic coding to interactive multimedia elements. Through the amalgamation of these various creative mediums, the project reflects on the modern human experience of concealed words and emotions, showing how art could serve as a means to articulate thoughts and feelings that often linger unspoken.