Seda Karacan, Echoes of Resilience: A Journey Through Turkish Media

Short FilmDocumentary Film

Step into the captivating world of diverse individuals as they embark on a journey of reflection, insight, and shared experiences. In this unique documentary, entitled "Echoes of Resilience," inspired by the engaging style of Gogglebox, participants of Turkish descent invite you into their space as they immerse themselves in the unfolding narratives of Turkish reports covering the tragedies of the 2023 earthquake.

Feel the intensity as they react in real-time to various media coverage, providing raw and unfiltered commentary on the catastrophe that has affected their people. Through thought-provoking discussions and intimage conversations, delve into the diverse perspectives and personal stories that emerge. Join us as we explore the power of media, cultural identity, and human connection in this ground-breaking documentary experience.