Eda Yildirimkaya, Echoes of Perception

Documentary FilmVisual Essay

A visual essay on the Turkish Diaspora in London, "Echoes of Perception" merges vivid cinematography with the haunting melody of "Gurbet" to explore the lives of Turkish immigrants in London. This dialogue-free documentary, inspired by the montage style of "Watchtower of Turkey," captures the vibrant essence of Turkish neighbourhoods, weaving together scenes of daily life, tradition, and the emotional landscape of diasporic existence. Central to the narrative is a cover of "Gurbet," performed by the filmmaker and Aydin, a Turkish luthier in North London, symbolising the immigrant's journey and homesickness. Filmed in Aydin's atelier, their collaboration highlights the fusion of cultues and the enduring bond to homeland, making "Echoes of Perception" a poignant reflection on identity, belonging and the nuanced experiences of cultural assimilation and heritage preservation within the urban mosaic of London.