Minle Qiu, Echoes of Chinese Opera in Cinema


"Echoes of Chinese Opera in Cinema" features an engaging video essay presented through 3D holographic projection. This immersive experience delves into the symbiotic relationship between Chinese opera and cinema, exploring the transition from traditional stages to the silver screen and examining the impact of media dissemination on regional cultures. It weaves together interviews and discussions, capturing the diverse, multigenerational perspectives on the cultural significance and personal impact of Chinese opera. The video content combines the format of a video essay with interviews, creating a visual documentary film that not only informs but also evokes emotion. The soundtrack blends traditional Chinese opera music with voiceovers and interview narrations, enriching the narrative and enhancing the viewer's engagement. Visually, the holographic projection brings to life iconic images of opera characters and their masks, alongside footage of the interviewees and cinematic sequences inspired by Chinese opera elements such as makeup, costumes, and sounds.