Tala Abuobead, Dearest Palestine

Documentary Film

"Dearest Palestine" is an experimental documentary in the form of a love letter. A letter is sent from the filmmaker to Palestine, showing the long-distance relationship between Tala, the Palestinian filmmaker, and her land that she so dearly misses. Throughout this letter, the filmmaker reminisces on the fond memories, and painful ones, as she discusses her generational trauma and the generational love for Palestine that lingers in her family. She wanted to write this letter to remind Palestine that she's thinking about her and the genocide that is happening in Gaza right now. The letter expresses how much she misses Palestine even thoguh she has never been to her home, as this is strictly a long-distance, letter-based relationship. Despite the heartache and sadness that comes with this long-distance relationship, the filmmaker would choose to be a Palestinian in every lifetime. She would continue to write the letter until she returns. Until her pen runs out of ink.